1. Why choosing us as investment company?

– We propose one of the best investment returns in Phuket

– The return is guarantying the first years on contract, as we operate existing business

– You know on what you invest, not like a bank, it is eco-friendly hospitality

2. Did your return are good comparing to the market.

– Yes, it is one of the best in the market in Phuket

3. During the crisis, it might be safer to keep my money?

– Due to the crisis, we can find incredible opportunities the best moment to invest is during crisis, and best moment to sale is after crisis

4. Hospitality market in Thailand is totally broken, why this company will succeed?

– 90% of Hotel here have no professional background in hospitality

– The CEO and associate have over 50 years’ experience in hospitality, and all already worked in Phuket and different other country

5. Concretely which action do you will take to survive on the 2 next years? What actions will you take to overcome the crisis if it continues during the next 2 years?

– Firstly, all leases have a clause in the contract in case of major event, the rent will be reduced and all fix cost too
– We will have 2 different strategies:

– 1) We will be oriented on the local market

– 2) We will be oriented on long stay demand with attractive price & set-up specific added extra service fee.
– Adjusting the cost according the revenue
– Set up enough cash flow for 2 years, based on fix charge

6.Who are those people?

– Our CEO and a are specialist in hospitality industry and investment, their experience more than 50 years in management from different department including Phuket & WW management experience

7. On what are we investing?

In Eco-Friendly hospitality with 3 different products:

– Guest House: B – Essential

– Glamping: B- Libre

– 5 Stars Hotel: Aresia

8. What is our plan for long term sustainable business, which action?

– We are plastic fee

– Eco friendly product for cleaning

– Eco Friendly product for laundry

And others

9. Are you working with gogo bar or other things like that:

– no, we are against all human abuse

10. If your property has light asset, what will happened if it’s not working?

– Light asset, is not no asset

For example: the Baan Paradise property we hand over recently have a key money value at 4 500 000 in 2018, we hand over for 0, in 4 or 5 years, this property will have value for sure

11.Why choose Phuket?

– Phuket island is located in southern of Thailand, beautiful beach and wonderful nature is here.

– Business in Phuket never down because this island is the top 10 best island visited worldwide
The main reason why we choose Phuket
The post-tsunami rebound in tourism in all these areas was speedy, with their international
reputation the revenue generated from foreign growing after the tsunami whereas the coastline of many other affected counties remain bleak and depopulated
Seth Mydans/The New York Times /Article: After the Tsunami rebuilding paradise

12. Example of invest after crisis in 2009

Keeping one’s perspective during a time of crisis is a key differentiating factor for the investors noted
above. Over their careers and especially during this period, the likes of JP Morgan and the Fed are
certainly large and powerful institutions that individual investors cannot hope to copy in their own
portfolios, but both offer lessons on how to take advantage of market when it is in a panic. When
things get more or less back to normal, savvy investors can be left with sizable gains, and those who
are able to repeat their earlier successes in subsequent downturns end up rich.

13. How you can trust us?

We are 100% transparent and will do a Report every year to investors.

14.Why I should invest in a young company?

It’s a young Company but Owners have together more than 50 successful years in Hotel industry

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